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Excitation / Emission: 405nm / 490nm

  • Key features
    • Water soluble
    • Stable labelling (>24 h)
    • No inter-vesicle dye exchange
    • Short incubation time (~30-60 mins)

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Store at 2–8°C, away from direct sunlight. Refrigerate upon arrival.

MSDS and protocols are available under the support page.

The highly water soluble Acoerela Exosome Dyes enable the accurate detection of nanosized exosomes and liposomes, without any artifacts or false positive signals from the dye itself. This is because of the unique patented chemistry of the Acoerela dyes that prevent the dye from self-assembly into micelles or nanoparticles. The Acoerela Exosome Dyes are soluble in aqueous buffer and highly emissive, fluorescing only when bound to the target. They have been validated with exosomes obtained from MSC, PC3, HT29 and A549 cell lines.

Excitation / Emission: 405nm / 490nm

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